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Barrett Bailey and Jon Cook created High 5 Productions not only to offer a high quality product to each and every client, but to challenge and push themselves in new and artistic ways. We provide cinematography and photography services for weddings and a whole host of other possibilities.


From commercial applications to a beautiful autobiographical film someone can leave for future generations, we have opened our minds to the many possibilities that modern technology affords us. High 5 Productions is located in Montgomery, Alabama, USA but we keep our passport current.








Kate & Jaime

"I've never laughed and cried so much at the same time.  A million people have called to say how beautiful it is then we sobbed over it all night. The video is absolutely gorgeous. I wouldn't want it any other way. I'm so happy!!!!!"


                                                                   Kate & Jaime


Kate & Jaime

‚Äč"I was so worried we'd miss all those moments because of everything we had going on but I'm glad y'all caught them  couldn't thank you more! The video catches all the best moments of the day and all the best sides of our friends and family. Love it! Love it!"                                                               Megan &Hunter 



Allison & Jeremiah

"Jeremiah and I will forever be grateful to you for filming our wedding! Y'all were amazing to work with and the teaser video of our day, is just absolutely stunning. I know neither of y'all started out as videographers but y'all are true masters at it!!! Thank y'all again for everything! Much love."


                                                      Allison & Jeremiah. xoxo


Megan & Hunter

Alan & Brooke

"I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the amazing video you created for us and our families. It completely captures what a special and happy day July 13 was for us! You both are so talented and I feel blessed to have a piece of your work in our home. "


Thank you again for everything, and we hope to see you both soon!


                                                      Brooke Sullivan Bishop

Sarah & Nick

Stephanie & Tyler

"My phone has been blowing up with text messages. Most of the girls have cried (silly women and their emotions). Thank you for capturing the silly and sweet moments of our wedding. Without this video I wouldn't have anything beautiful to show people that weren't able to make it. You guys are amazing!"


                                                      Stephanie & Tyler


Brittney & Philip

Austin & Melissa


Laura & Jason


Montgomery - City of Change

W.R. Taylor

Ex Voto Vintage

Burnout Cycle

Cat Ppalu - Charters

ASU Football

Tillery Commercial - 1Tillery Commercial - 2

Quality Comix Commercial

Quality Comix

Mayor Bill Gillespie

Swan Lake

New Years Shoot