High 5 Productions


We are a  full service production company  based in Montgomery, AL specializing in artistic photography and videography.


At High 5 Productions, we do things a little differently. We focus on the simple and beautiful in everything we do. Our goal is to  find the truth in every subject and bring it to the forefront. We do this by keeping our compositions elegant, yet dynamic. This philosophy drives our photography, video,  and designs to a higher level. Some of our specialties include wedding videography, wedding photography, portraits both personal and corporate,  TV commercials and website design.


To see just what we do, watch the video to the left and take a look at our website.


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WE LOVE VIDEO! Lets face it, with todays technology we are able to capture life's moments in a whole new way. You no longer need a huge production team to create a cinematic style film of your wedding day, a TV commercial for your business, or an informative video for your website. It's easier than you think.  Click the video link above to find out how.




Design is at the heart of what we do. Whether we are photographing a model or designing a website the fundamentals of good design are always at play. Our goal is simple, yet effective design that is both pleasing to the eye and grabs your attention. By taking our own images we can control the look and feel of the whole design. When designing websites for clients we utilize our photography and video skills to help your website stand out and get noticed.




We like to say, " light is our playground." Finding new and interesting ways to manipulate light in our photography keeps us happy. One weekend we might be shooting a wedding and the next, a fashion model standing in a river. We feel having such a wide diversity of subjects in our work makes us better photographers. We take great pride in our images and look forward to sharing them with you. Click on the link above to see examples of our photography.

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